Son of prima ballerina Helene Musilova and the famous American film “secret agent” Eddie Constantine, Lemmy was raised on a farm surrounded by horses – while playing violin and dancing in the Paris Opera Ballet School, he was often on his father’s film sets. This unique upbringing gave him an abiding love of music, acting and horses. Traveling far and wide, exploring different life paths - he even opened The Kabuki, one of Paris’ first Japanese restaurants.

He developed his taste for “gypsy” music while studying guitar in L.A. listening to Django, drawn to its mix of swing and richness, rock energy and melodies that make up this irresistible jazz.

His love of horses led him into the polo world, where he played in three consecutive French championships. His passion for this exciting sport inspired him to write a song and a screenplay about it. 
Lemmy is a true crooner, a gentleman chicken thief; a modern-day lover who opens his arms to you to take you on a grand tour of Manouche-Land!

"About Lemmy"