New album
Listen to my latest CD  GYPSYLAND ROADS


Lemmy’s music reveals hints from his upbringing: one among classical music, jazz, and later rock & roll.
His acoustic sound is bursting with an iconoclastic spirit and nonchalant humor, with traces of Sinatra and Django.

Lemmy Constantine
On June 28th Lemmy finished playing his show at Théâtre du Marais where he had been performing every Tuesday since January 26

He ’s playing the opening of the "Plaisirs de Musique" festival" in Annecy on July 31 at The Imperial Palace

Flavored with the sounds of Eastern Europe and French “bals musettes” – the popular balls once held on the banks of the
Marne river -- it unveils the roots, culture and loves of a traveling man -- a bohemian at heart.

The songs are served up by a singular voice and musicians who fuse technique with passion and freshness.